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Featured Business Series: Pingala Cafe

In the spirit of spring, Redstone has decided to start fresh features of some of our tenants.  These business owners have contributed to the culture and economy of Vermont in significant ways, and we are glad to be able to provide them with the space they need to do their work.

I sat down with Trevor Sullivan last week to see what he’s done with the space he leased through Redstone at the Chace Mill.  We sat out on the deck in front of Pingala Cafe which, at three in the afternoon, was still busy with people eating late lunches or just grabbing a drink and relaxing in the sun.  From our seats in the corner of the deck, I could see and hear the Winooski River rushing by.

SW: How did you get the idea to start Pingala?

Sullivan: My wife, Julia, teaches at Laughing River yoga, and I’d been going to classes with her, and going to her classes for the last couple years, so I’d been walking past this space and seeing it as this empty construction zone and thinking to myself, that would be a cool place for a café.  So I emailed Redstone, and said ‘I’ve got an idea for the space and if you’re interested I would love to chat’, and then a couple days later Larry [Williams]  and I were in the office talking and I kinda gave him a really quick pitch of what I wanted to do, but not having any definite business plan, but then they said  ‘come back at us with a business plan’ and they basically gave me the opportunity saying if this is something you want to do we’re into it. I spent a lot of time really thinking things out, thinking about the space I wanted to create.

SW: You talk about the energy of the cafe.  What would you say that energy is?

Sullivan: For me it’s like this super-awesome-dream-come-true-how-is-this-really-happening? When Corin from Seven Days wrote about it, she said it was colorful and bubbly. We’re not going for classy and sexy. We just want to be casual.  One of the cool things that made everything come full circle on this space was working on the mural with Tara Gaureau. I stopped her at City Market, she was doing that big beautiful mural there, and I said “if you’re interested, I’ve got a project for you”. We came up with this loosey goosey idea of what it would be. She’s just great to work with. Everyone stops in to check it out.   It’s a big piece of what defines the space. It really speaks to who we are.

Mural by artist Tara Goreau

SW: How so?

Sullivan: I didn’t litter our menu with organic this and organic that, or tomatoes from here and carrots from there. We’re in Vermont and people expect that now, as they should. We [Vermonters] are at the forefront of what it means to harvest and grow food sustainably for local consumption. The mural is a suggestion of what we do, and how we love where we are.

SW: So why vegan food?

Sullivan:  I haven’t been vegan forever, and I haven’t been working with food forever. When I did become vegan, it totally was a game changer. I just became so much more psyched about food and wanted to figure out how to recreate dishes that I loved without really going down the road of mock-fake stuff. The jackfruit is wild, how it behaves like meat. It’s used for our BBQ jack sandwich. We braise it for 24 hours and then let it soak in our BBQ sauce. It gets super tender and just shreds apart. The structural integrity of jackfruit is so similar to meat.

SW: So what about customers who aren’t vegan?

Sullivan: We try to make food on our menu that is for everybody. We’re trying not to make people shy about the vegan thing.  We have one of the hairstylists from Bello, next door, come in every other day for food. She’s not vegan or vegetarian, but she loves it. I think that a good 60 to 70 percent of the people in here aren’t vegan or vegetarian. It’s a cool atmosphere, the view couldn’t get any better, and the sunsets are incredible.

Assorted breakfast treats at Pingala at Chace Mill

Sullivan now runs one of the only strictly vegan cafes in the Burlington area.  Not only has it become a destination cafe for vegans across the state, but it offers food and atmosphere accessible and enjoyable to individuals of all walks of life.

One of the things we love about Sullivan?  He sees past the walls of his cafe.  Quite literally, as the views of the Winooski River dominate the majority of the scenery, but also in respects to the vitality and future of the area.  He hopes to raise enough money to install a sculpture on the Winooski River that embodies much of what Pingala stands for: A woman composed entirely of cutlery in dancer pose.  With only a day and a half left, Sullivan is still looking to raise another thousand dollars for this incredible installation piece.  It would be a great addition to a unique and culturally rich area of Vermont.  For more information, and to donate, check out his kickstarter campaign.

If you haven’t already, head over to Pingala Cafe at the Chace Mill in Burlington.  The Chace Mill is easy to get to by bike or on foot, just a short walk from both Burlington and downtown Winooski.  Make the trip.  Whatever your diet, you’re sure to find something delicious on the menu.




Silversmith Commons in the Old North End of Burlington, VT

Redstone broke ground in January on the Silversmith Commons in the Old North End of Burlington.  The project is located at 260 North Winooski Avenue, and consists of 22 units, 20 of which are two bedroom units and 2 of which are one bedroom units.  19 of the units will be rented at market rate, and the remaining 3 at an affordable rate to meet the city’s Inclusionary Housing Ordinance.   Development Manager Erik Hoekstra, a resident of the Old North End, is dedicated to creating a residential community in line with the goals and overall feeling the neighborhood.  One of those goals is to increase the presence of locally owned stores in the area, and in that vein, Redstone is still looking for a retail tenant to fill the 1,526 square feet of retail space on the ground floor.

Silversmith Street View.jpg

More about the Old North End

Looking at a map, North Winooski Avenue looks almost like a radial line shooting out from the center of the Old North End.  It’s one of the main arteries leading into Burlington, and has been experiencing steady growth in the past few years.  According to the Allen & Brooks Report from December of 2013, the Old North End neighborhood “is gaining popularity among renters because of its close proximity to downtown, availability of shops and services within the neighborhood, and typically lower rents”.  This is an attractive neighborhood for young professionals looking for low rents in an urban environment.

It’s not just the rent that makes this location desirable.  The Old North End is the most diverse neighborhood in Burlington.  It has long welcomed immigrants, and espouses a culture of acceptance and community.  Residents of the new Silversmith Commons will have access to all the wonderful establishments that make the Old North End what it is.  Places like Barrio Bakery and Cafe, which has expanded significantly since it first opened eight years ago, and Pho Hong, which has long been a staple restaurant in the area, give the area culinary flair.  Of course, there’s also the Old North End Ramble, a summertime celebration that really shows off the full scale of the creative community in the area.

One of the positive aspects of living so close to Downtown Burlington is that residents don’t have to have a car.  North Winooski Avenue features large bike lanes, and in the event of a bike malfunction, Old Spokes Home bike shop is just around the corner.  Another plus comes in the form of a car share “pod”, a dedicated parking spot that will house a CarShare Vermont vehicle that can be reserved at any time, 24/7.  This is an exciting project in a very exciting place, and we can’t wait for the opening of the Silversmith in early June.

photo-1Silver Smith2


The Historic Woodbury Armory, Burlington, VT

Cruising down Main Street toward the waterfront, some of you may have seen construction vehicles busy at 101 Main, or the Woodbury Armory. The building has been under construction since June of 2013, and is slated for completion by the end of 2014. At that time, the first Hilton Garden Inn in Vermont will open its doors. The hotel will be a welcome addition to Burlington’s hospitality scene, providing visitors with a unique experience in an incredible downtown location.

It may be hard to picture now, but this is what the project will look like come the end of 2014.

It may be hard to picture now, but this is what the project will look like come the end of 2014.

This granite lintel bearing the name of the Armory was covered with stucco when Redstone first bought the building.  Imagine our surprise when we uncovered it in 2007!
This granite lintel bearing the name of the Woodbury Armory was covered with stucco when Redstone first bought the building. Imagine our surprise when we uncovered it in 2007!

Redstone acquired the historic Woodbury Armory in 2003 with the intent to continue the redevelopment of the majority of the city block bounded by Main, Pine, St. Paul and King Streets. This vital and previously underutilized square of Burlington will serve as a vital link between the Church Street Marketplace and the Burlington Waterfront, as envisioned in the City’s recent urban planning vision PlanBTV. Redstone appreciates the rising tide of unique, farm-to-table cuisine in Burlington, and is currently looking for a restaurant to fill the ground level space of the armory. This space is approximately 6,000 square feet in a mixed-use district and could accommodate a wide variety of retail/commercial tenants. In addition, we are working with Burlington City Arts (BCA) on two outdoor public art projects; one sculpture will be prominently featured adjacent to the Armory along the Main Street frontage and another sculpture will be part of a pocket garden on St. Paul Street just north of the Hinds Lofts.

Some minor complications of urban redevelopment along with the harsh winter weather has slowed down construction a bit, putting the project slightly behind schedule. All in all, we think that’s pretty good. Opechee Construction Corporation is our design-build contractor for this project and throughout the bitter weather they have continued to do excellent work with a team of exceptional sub-contractors.
The next time you are walking past the armory, stop and take a look. Listen to the sound of the nail guns and look at the granite slab above the armory doorway bearing its name, as well as the crowning keystone bearing the date this building was first erected: 1904. This project is a wonderful portrait of how old and new can blend harmoniously, and how we, as responsible citizens, can appreciate our past while looking to the future.

Already you can see the framework of the porte-cochere off of Main Street, which will serve as the entrance to the hotel.

Already you can see the framework of the porte-cochere of the Woodbury Armory off of Main Street, which will serve as the entrance to the hotel.

Check out what Preservation In Pink has to say about the project!


New Listing in Northfield, VT!










Completely renovated historic 4,000SF +/- schoolhouse, prior use was laboratory. Ideal for office space or multiple apartment conversion. Conference rooms, private offices, complete with large kitchen/break room, two bathrooms, (one with shower), plus large basement for storage.  Minutes from downtown Northfield and Norwich University. Good investment opportunity for developer or business owner. Zoned  “Urban Residential”. Lot size .83 acres. Onsite septic and parking for 20+ vehicles.

Features & Amenities
• Minutes from downtown Northfield/ Norwich University
• Onsite septic/municipal water
• Membrane Roof with drainage
• Ample on site parking for approx. 20 vehicles

Price: 349,000

Listed by Linda I. Letourneau, and Jessica Cameron of Redstone Commercial Group

NEW LISTING in Winooski!

small front pic








Redstone is pleased to announce a new executive office suite for sale at 94 West Canal Street in Winooski. Come be a part of Mill Studios in downtown Winooski! Historic old mill re-development into single office condos in 1989. This ground floor unit faces the street and is approx. 900+/- SF including four offices and a private bathroom. Schedule a showing today!

Features and Amenities:

-Unique opportunity to own your own office space

-Easy walk to restaurants, deli’s, and other service amenities

-Hardwood flooring, stainless steel appliances

-Low Association fees- $900/year

-On site parking

NEW LISTING in Milton- 107 Catamount Drive

Redstone Commercial Group is proud to announce a new listing at 107 Catamount Drive in Milton, VT.

small online







High quality hi-tech building for sale or lease.  19,643 SF building, many private offices and oversized larger rooms for group assembly or team rooms on the second level.  Built in 1998-99 by Stewart Construction. Offering two entrances to the property, front- office and rear with loading dock with direct access to the lab area and overflow parking lot. Elevator in place to get to the second level of offices and large tech rooms, tech/lab area has high bay 22′ ceilings, is humidity controlled and packed with other specific details like compressed air piping, poured concrete slab with non metallic rebar in the concrete floor (prevents interference with magnetic fields in the production area), a wet sprinkler system, a security system, 3 phase power 240 V and energy efficient lighting. Efficient gas hot air heat, standing seam roof (original)  and expansion land for a 10,000  SF addition.  Onsite septic, municipal water.  (municipal septic at the street) fully air conditioned.

Contact:  Linda I. Letourneau, Duncan Harris, Ross S. Montgomery, and Jessica Cameron of Redstone Commercial Group 802-658-7400

Buy a dream business in Bolton








Established motorcycle/ body shop housed in 4,900+/-SF of impeccable shop space complete with two garage bays, storage space, showroom, retail area, office, and state approved spray booth with high end air-intake filtration and sprinkler system. Multi Family home with 6 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on property built in 1860, currently being used as an owner 2 bedroom and a tenant 4 bedroom house.

Pro Forma available for rental income estimated around $35,000 a year in total.

Price: 459,000

Listed by Linda I. Letourneau, and Jessica Cameron of Redstone Commercial Group

Call for more info: 658-7400 ex 17 or 23

Redstone Teams up with King Street Center

king street 1








June 2013-

Redstone is proud to be a sponsor and supporter to local organization King Street Center. “King Street Center is a not-for-profit community organization that provides children and families the core life-building skills necessary for a healthy and productive future.” We’re very proud of all of our employees, friends, and family who came out in support of Kings Street Center at Burlington Country Club last month for the annual golf tournament. A special thank you to Larry Williams of Redstone, who stood up and gave an inspirational speech on how being a mentor to a child through King Street has changed him.

Annually serving more than 500 children and families in the Burlington area, King Street Center is  

  • An innovative afterschool program for middle- and high-school youth that focuses on academic achievement, job training, and college preparation.
  • A safe, welcoming place where teens meet in the evenings to do homework, use a computer, or play sports with friends.
  • Home to one of the largest mentoring programs in the state, where children are matched one-on-one with caring adults in the community.
  • Home to “Kids on the Ball,” our year-round, USTA-certified tennis program for children of all ages.
  • A gathering place for many community groups and non-profit organizations.
  • A proud member agency of the United Way of Chittenden County.

Post and Beam remodeled barn, functional office space in Ferrisburgh

Boasting the charm of a former barn, space offers 9,800 SF(can be divided) of functional office space. High ceilings, custom remodeled post and beam architecture, lots of natural light, parking for employees and on site signage visible to heavily trafficked Route 7. Space has flexible floor-plan, builder owned and managed. Also has on site additional storage and room to grow and build onto neighboring plot.


Click on link for more information




High quality office space in Williston VT (For Sale or Lease)


High quality 66,060 SF building on 6.74 acres, built in 1992.Gateway Zoning District South. Pre-engineered metal building by Steelox Building Systems. Brick exterior with masonry block perimeter. Building height is 14′ at front and 22′-24′ at rear. 15,000 SF office +/- consists of many private single and double offices, conference/training rooms, 6,000 SF temperature controlled manufacturing/viewing room, large kitchen/break room, 30,000 SF stock, production, pack & ship area with a 3,000 SF +/- warehouse and internal dock. Fully sprinklered. Potential to subdivide and provide a lease proposal upon request. Also available for sale.

Click on the link below for a video tour:

291 Hurricane Lane